Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Datele problemei: Intr-un stat in care exista o constitutie sanatoasa si democrata, doldora de libertati civile, si domnia legii totodata, exista universitati publice, finantate de stat. In acelasi stat exista o armata, care practica vizavi de homosexuali o politica de tipul "don't know, don't see". Nu te intreb la angajare daca esti homosexual, dar nici bine nu mi-ar pica daca as afla ca ai fi. Unele universitati publice apara drepturile homosexualilor. Aceste universitati organizeaza targuri de job-uri si refuza accesul la aceste targuri de job-uri armatei ca angajator, intrucat protesteaza in acest fel fata de politica armatei cu privire la homosexuali. Prin urmare, statul nu mai finanteaza unele dintre programele universitatilor cu pricina (granturi de cercetare, etc.)

Intrebare: Cine are dreptate? Cine se poarta constitutional in intreaga situatie?

PS: Sa nu trisati sa va duceti la domnu' Stanomir sa il intrebati! Desi... hmm... mi-ar placea sa mai am cate-o discutie cu dl Stanomir ;P ...

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Boston Minor Debauchery

In vacanta de Thanksgiving mi-am petrecut cateva zile la Boston, alaturi de o minune (de fapt, doua minuni) de baieti de la Princeton, si amicii lor intr-ale dezmatului fizico-matematic de la MIT si Brown University. Virgil, multumim pentru gazduire.

In ciuda atractiei irezistibile produse de cel mai artsy, hipster, funky, shpanky (sau cum mai vreti voi sa ii ziceti) camin studentesc pe care l-am vazut vreodata - pozele vor vorbi de la sine - am apucat sa vedem si cate ceva din Boston. Un New York mai micut, dar la fel de consumerist in zona lui noua, linistit si colonial in zona veche, un oras numai bun de rasfaturi intelectuale gen Harvard si MIT.

Mi s-a parut interesant sa cunosc parte din comunitatea creierelor romanesti importate in America, si am ramas suprinsa de faptul ca sunt incredibil de uniti - poate prea uniti - si incredibili de atasati (inca!) de casa. De casa din Romania zic. Sunt foarte curioasa unde o sa lucreze peste cativa ani actualii studenti eminenti, originari din mandra noastra Romanie, ce isi vor lua diplome de la universitati prestigioase din State. Tare mi-e teama ca in Romania nu prea e loc sub soare pentru felul atat de liber in care gandesc ei aici, in State, unde intr-adevar, vorba lui K, lumea parca iti apartine.

Poze facute in New York, in pre-departure orientation session, cu aparatul lui Alex Petrescu si poze facute cu noul meu Canon A540 (cumparat de Black Friday, fara sa fiu calcata in picioare)! Just click on the image.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

De Thanksgiving

E Ziua Recunostintei in State. Esential, ceva asemanator reuniunilor de familie traditionale de la la noi de acasa: Paste, Craciun, ziua lui mama, ziua lui tata, etc, etc. Primisem 4 invitatii de la 4 familii americane diferite, de a sarbatori impreuna Ziua Recunostintei. Un fel de gest de prietenie aratat catre studentul strain, departe de familia lui, aflat pe meleaguri straine intr-un moment atat de family-oriented. Avem vacanta, caminul meu este cam pustiu, caci toata lumea a plecat pe acasa, ca sa sarbatoreasca, sa se adune in jurul mesei, sa manance curcan si alte bunataturi traditionale.

Am refuzat toate cele patru invitatii. Motivul principal nu este acela ca am devenit vegetariana de vreo 3 saptamani, desi si asta e un incentive in minus in calea savuratului mesei de Thanksgiving. Dar nu vreau sa ma integrez in familii straine. Nu stiu de ce... M-as simti stinghera. Mi s-ar face un dor cumplit de ai mei si nu m-as bucura de loc de intreaga seara. Mi-e dor de familia mea, de mesele din familia mea, de glumele noastre "de familie". Si nu vreau sa fiu "adoptata" de vreo familie straina, as nice and friendly as they may be.

Vroiam sa ma izolez in casa si sa reusesc intr-un final sa mai recuperez din tonele de chestii pe care le am de citit pentru scoala si pentru lucrarile de final de semestru. Intr-un final, la insistentele Boryanei, o sa ma duc sa petrec un Thanksgiving mai studentesc, cu cativa prieteni, in caminul unuia dintre ei. Mancare traditionala, dar departe de orice emotii de tip "familie traditionala". Sper! Cred ca imi va fi mai bine asa. In fond, in mai putin de o luna, vorba cantecului, "I'll be home for Christmas".

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America's What You Make of It

The Undergraduate Exchange Programme fall conference in Burlington, Vermont, definitely gave me some food for thought. For a couple of days, a bunch of Balkan-spirited people (coming from Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Mongolia) shared their experiences after roughly three months of living and studying in the US. It was amazing how fast we rediscovered one another, and how rapidly we readjusted and became overenthusiastically friendly with people whom we had met for seven days, once in our entire lifetime, in Budapest. Tons of fun, plenty of visits to the liquor store, but what struck me most was the tremendous difference between our feelings towards the US and towards Americans. People really had troubles adapting. Or at least this was my feeling.

We had this workshop conducted by a cultural anthropologist at University of Vermont, which looked more like a therapeutic debriefing session than a real workshop. He was trying to make us "spit out" everything we thought about living in America. Americans act fake, Americans smile dumb, everything is just facade, they build walls between themselves and the rest of the world, or even between themselves and themselves, they are friendly and at the same time suspicious towards migrants and internationals. This was pretty much the overall feeling that prevailed.

And then the question popped to me. How do I view Americans? Why have I adapted so smoothly? Have I adapted so smoothly indeed? What if I hadn't lived in New York, but in a traditional university campus in the South or in the Midwest? Is adaptation something related to oneself or to the place you live in? Had I been secluded somewhere in a genuine university campus, with nothing but schoolwork, some volunteer work and my on-campus job to be concerned about, I think I would have stretched my limits to the maximum. I would have had time for musing, for discovering myself, for critically assessing myself. I don't have time for that now. I've adapted to Big City life. I go with the flow. I flow... what's authentic in all these? I meet people, internationals, Americans, Romanians, students, employers. I meet them every day, I go clubbing in the weekends. It looks pretty much like "Sex and the City"... I always have tons of things to do, I don't have time to think any longer. Is this adaptation? Or is it just ignorace and self-sufficiency? Is this what I want of myself and my experience in the US?

It seems to me that all the Americans I've met are not really Americans. They like Dada and Trufaut, Europe and the non-American way of being. Or at least they claim they do. At the same time, I have plenty of international friends, as I assume most UEP-ers have. The common point that pops up constantly in all our conversations is "Americans are like this and that and this...". We've build our identity in opposition to the identity Americans allegedly have. Moreover, I talk really often with my friends and colleagues back home, and basically I'm busy running projects which take place couple of thousand miles away from me. I talk with my mother almost every day (thank you, Skype), and I've managed to maintain a pretty decent relationship with all my dear ones. Maybe that's not authentic either. I guess I'll figure that out in less than a month, when I'll see Alex again. And meet Coco and John and Gioco and see if we are still the same.

My biggest question right now is how has this experience changed me? Have I grown older and wiser? I was talking with my uncle on the phone couple of weeks ago and we kind of chatted for one hour; I was able to see him, and so was he, through our webcams. When we finished the conversation, he looked my mother in the eyes and told her: "Man, she's a grown-up now..."

I'm having doubts, I'm having doubts about lots of stuff, starting with what I'm gaining and - most importantly - what I'm losing out of all this. Maybe the "win and loss" assessment would be useful for all UEP-ers.

To conclude in a cheerful tone, here as some pics from Vermont. Just click on the image to see them all:

Here are some bonus ones. The really compromising displays of Balkan passion are for private consumption only! ;P

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Descoperiri (preludiu)

Sunt in Vermont, la conferinta de toamna cu cei de la Open Society Institute. Descopar o groaza de lucruri despre mine si mai cu seama despre raportarea mea la ceea ce mi se intampla de 3 luni incoace aici in state. Sunt confuza si fericita. (va urma)

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Borat. Comedia neagra.

Borat e la mare moda in State. Este cool sa astepti cu sufletul la gura Borat - din cate am inteles o comedie destul de trasnita despre un tip din Kazakhstan. Poante de tot felul, accentul rusesc exersat din plin, grosolanii amuzante, un fel de comedie alternativa foarte la moda printre hippsterii americani. In prima saptamana de la lansare Borat a incasat 27 de milioane de lire. Diverse filmulete cu Borat gasiti pe Youtube. Trailerul aici!

Problema este ca "Borat" nu a fost filmat in Kazakhstan, ci in Romania, anume in satucul numit Glod. Conform unui articol aparut azi in Daily Mail si preluat intens de ziarele din State, taranii romani care au filmat pentru "Borat" habar nu au avut pentru ce filmeaza; au fost pacaliti ca filmul este un documentar despre greutatile vietii la tara in Romania, si au fost platiti pentru eforturile lor cu 3 lire (britanice)/ locuitor. Acum sunt nemultumiti caci imaginea lor in film este cea a unei comunitati de inapoiati, alcatuita in cea mai mare parte din violatori, prostituate si alti declasati. Amaratii locuitori ai satului Glod se simt umiliti si - as zice eu - pe buna dreptate. Cea mai graitoare marturie este, cred, cea a lui nea Tudorache (as quoted in Daily Mail):

"Mr Tudorache, a deeply religious grandfather who lost his arm in an accident, was one of those who feels most humiliated. For one scene, a rubber sex toy in the shape of a fist was attached to the stump of his missing arm - but he had no idea what it was.

Only when The Mail on Sunday visited him did he find out. He said he was ashamed, confessing that he only agreed to be filmed because he hoped to top up his £70-a-month salary - although in the end he was paid just £3.

He invited us into his humble home and brought out the best food and drink his family had. Visibly disturbed, he said shakily: 'Someone from the council said these Americans need a man with no arm for some scenes. I said yes but I never imagined the whole country, or even the whole world, will see me in the cinemas ridiculed in this way. This is disgusting."

In prezent, satenii se pregatesc sa intenteze proces producatorilor filmului.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Casa mea

Sunt fericita ca inca nu m-am domesticit. Sambata m-am decis - pentru prima oara de cand sunt la NY - sa dau cu aspiratorul in camera mea. Acum sa nu va imaginati ca inainte domnea stratul de praf (desi Alex - Balas - s-ar putea in mod intentionat malitios sa ma contrazica... grrr).

Si mi-am dat seama ca sunt foarte putin atasata de spatiul in care locuiesc. Este strict locul care imi permite sa dorm intr-o pozitie relativ confortabila, care este echipat cu una bucata dulap care imi permite sa nu imi sifonez sacourile si imi ofera si posibilitatea de a face dus. In rest, petrec, atat prin natura imprejurarilor (sunt mai mereu in oras), cat si din proprie dorinta, cat mai putin timp cu putinta acasa. De fapt, nici nu stiu daca s-ar cuveni sa ii spun "acasa". Nu sunt deloc atasata de locuri in general, de locul meu din NY cu atat mai putin. Colegele mele de apartament, desi pleaca semestrul urmator sa studieze in Europa si-au bibilit si aranjat camerele, inclusiv sufrageria comuna. Eu nu am simtit nevoia sa fac asta. Am pe perete ceasul de la Alex, maturica si finger puppet de la Ioana si Ilinca, cateva vederi de la Moma, si atat. Nu am nevoie de mai mult. Inca detest ideea de a prinde radacini si cred ca - constient sau nu - fac tot ce imi sta in putinta sa nu mi se intample asta. Ma uitam ca in jurul meu oamenii incep sa simta nevoia stabilitatii unui camin, unui locsor cald la care sa se intoarca dupa o zi de lucru. Eu ma duc acasa strict cu gandul sa ma spal pe dinti mai repede, ca sa pot prinde cat mai multe ore de somn, ca sa nu fiu foarte zombie a doua zi. Tin minte ca nici acasa in tara nu simteam nevoia sa stau pe acasa prea mult. Touch base with grandma, eat mama's food si cam atat. Maybe I'm now a grown-up yet. Or maybe I don't want to be.

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Farewell, Kofi!

On Friday, my ambassador asked me to attend an insightful (and rather exclusivist :P) discussion on Kofi Annan's mandate as Secretary-General of the United Nations. The discussion, hosted by the International Peace Academy brought together a panel of experts (mostly NYU and Columbia law and politics professors: Simon Chesterman, Ed Luck , Shepard Forman) to comment on Jim Traub's (contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine) recent book "The Best Intentions: Kofi Annan and the UN in the Era of American World Power".

The discussion was quite interesting, and so were the questions that came from the audience (composed mostly of UN experts, ambassadors and heads of various think tanks). Kofi received his fair share of criticism: not being confident enough in the organisation, not being confident enough in himself (his reaction to the "Oil for Food" programme/scandal is self-explanatory in this respect), being overly optimistic and handling global affairs with a sense of naivete, not adapting his expectations to the size of what's possible (see the case of the UN reform for that), carefully having PR specialists construct his image as some sort of iconic figure, and so on and forth.

Still, the panel failed to answer the question that started the whole discussion. What should we demand in terms of leadership from the world's "most hallow and perhaps hollow organisation" (Shepard Forman)? What do we want the next UN Secretary to do? Pay attention... not who! The whole debate before Ban Ki-Moon was finally chosen as Secretary-General was "Who should be the next Secretary-General?". And this is not what we should talk about. Do we want the new Secretary-General to be a technocrat? Do we want him to incline more towards balancing the whims and wills of the member state, as a political actor, or do we want him to be more concerned with the technicalities of the organisation? Do we want him to be as glamourous as Kofi? Do we want him to attempt at reforming the UN on a large scale or should he try piecemeal reforms? How should he push towards the implementation of the one thing that's considered a biggie right now at the UN, namely the responsibility to protect?

I believe specialists and the public at large really need to explore this questions before we can move forward with the newly elected Secretary General. Otherwise, the UN will continue to be as highly personalized an institution as it already is. And we'll deal again with "best intentions only"...

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Libertatea de expresie poarta djelab

Putine lucruri sunt mai sfinte in State ca libertatea de exprimarea. In acelasi timp, putine fenomene politice au zguduit mai tare societatea americana ca atacurile de la 11 Septembrie, ori ca ulteriorul razboi contra terorii. Nici un cetatean american rational nu sprijina terorismul, iar cetatenii americani aflati in pozitii oficiale il condamna. De Halloween s-a intamplat urmatorul micut scandal care a pus serioase intrebari pana unde merge libertatea de exprimare si daca a fi public official inseamna sa iti modifice in vreun fel comportamentul.

Presedinta UPenn (University of Pennsylvania) organizeaza an de an o petrecere de Halloween in propria locuinta (on campus), la care invita toata facultatea. Anul acesta, unul din studentii ei a venit costumat in terorist islamic, iar lady President, costumata in zana cea buna, s-a fotografiat zambitoare langa el. La cateva ore, fotografiile au aparut pe Facebook, cea mai populara retea care leaga universitatile americane, si ulterior pe influente bloguri politice (vezi Flapsblog). Ulterior, presedinta si-a cerut scuze, afirmand ca nu si-a dat seama ce personaj intruchipeaza tanarul student (care recita intre timp versete din Coran).

Cum sa ma pozitionez fata de acest fenomen? Halloween <=> scandal par excellence. Libertatea de exprimare = garantie constitutionala. Petrecere publica = petrecere publica, iar daca legile statului reglementeaza bunaoara libertatea presei atunci cand articolele se refera la persoane publice, si in general persoanele publice se bucura de alt statut, atunci cred ca legile statului ar trebui sa sanctioneze si comportamentele publice ale persoanelor publice. Cam mult public prin zona, nu?

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Creatives of the world, unite!

Tinerii producatori de film, cu varsta minima de 18 ani, sunt invitati sa creeze un film video de nu mai mult de 120 de secunde, care sa transmita mesajul ca, pana in 2015, nici un copil nu trebuie sa mai sufere de foame.

Filmul video castigator va fi folosit de Fight Hunger: Walk the World'' in cadrul campaniei sale mediatice, pentru ca nici un alt copil sa nu mai sufere de foame pana in 2015. Aceasta actiune se inscrie in primul obiectiv de dezvoltare al mileniului. Vor exista mai multi castigatori, iar marele castigator va avea sansa sa viziteze una din scolile incluse de cei de la Natiunile Unite in programul lor de eradicare a saraciei.

Concursul este organizat de Fighthunger, o divizie a programului alimentar mondial al Natiunilor Unite.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ciorba a la NYU

Dap, bestia a lovit! Mi-e dor de casa. Un gest simbolico-amuzant care ma face sa afirm asta s-a petrecut ieri, cand ma duceam spre una din minunatele cantine ale NYU, cu gandul sa imi iau masa de seara. Seara pe Broadway, frig, ploaia, vreme numai buna de cuibarit in pat si lenevit. Cantina plasticoasa ca de obicei. Ce vad eu insa in unul din boluri? California Bean Soup! Cu un entuziasm demn de o cauza mai nobila, mi-am luat un castronel de surogat de ciorba de fasole, una bucata paine cu usturoi (stil italian) si cateva bucatele de ceapa (rosie)! Sic! Ciorba de fasole avea gust de pasta de morcovi, insa brusc cantina imi parea un spatiu mult mai prietenos, ba chiar zaream in zare stuful de la Mitocanu', un colt de mare, un cui de cort, iar imitatia de ciorba de fasole parca incepea sa miroasa a ciorba de fasole de-aia veritabila, aburinda, cu paine de casa, afumatura si alte cele, tip Liana & Mitocanu. Mama, watch out, ca deja incep sa fac lista cu ce bunatati vreau sa imi pregatesti cand vin acasa :)

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Birthday News and Pics!

Spending my birthday far away from home and from my friends was kind of emotional. No "multi ani traiasca", no painfully big hug from Stefan, no terrorizing of Mutzu (the cat Alex and I proudly own), no Cocoon coming straight from the beauty parlour with funky hair-styles, no feline Ioana, Merry Z and Ilinca, no Oricum hand-made jewellery, or Giogo-like enthusiasm. Sorry for all of you whose specific manifestations I ommited. The jist of it is that I miss home, and most of all I miss being with people I share memories with. I've known Sasha and Catza for almost seven years now, for instance. It's hard building up new memories, sharing new emotions with people who were perfect strangers to you just a couple of weeks before, and so on.

Still, I did manage to find new friends here in NY, and hence I threw a little party in my dorm with cheesecake and Romanian wine and it was fun. The follow-up was supposed to be a wild clubbing night out, for which Mayank had polished his dancing shoes, but it all ended up in a friendly pool game. A big hug to all of you who came to the party, and to those who sent me happy b-day messages, and are now awaiting a remake-redo of the party back home, during the winter break. More pictures are to come, when I finally manage to touch base with Boryana, who still has some lovely pics on her camera.

Here are the pics! More to come, so re-visit the link soon.

My birtday per se was actually a great day out in Central Park, laughing and skating with special friends I have recently discovered. Thanks Benjamin, Alex, Sandra, Wilco, and Vidar for a sunny birthday. The marvellous photographer Benjamin Quinto captured everything. Nice posing, everybody!

later edit: Si da, persoana speciala si sasaita, daca ai fi fost cu mine aici, as fi fost muuult mai fericita!

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Despre egalitatea de sanse

Pornind de la ultimul post de pe blogul lui Alex (Gioco Alex), si de la o conversatie de la petrecerea mea de vineri dintre Wilco - prototipul personajului care s-a invartit in cercuri inalte, dar a decis sa isi petreaca un an de viata in mijlocul copiilor (sclavi ori soldati) din America Latina si India, iar de atunci orizonturile i s-au schimbat complet - si un tip student la New York University Stern Business School - probabil viitor director print-o multinationala, dar si de la cateva reportaje din NY Times-ul de azi, mi-am dat seama ca in numele individualismului si a libertatii de a alege, nu orice alegere este dreapta si indiferent de cat de libertarian/ liberal gandesti, ea nu poate fi justificata.

Tipul de la Stern vorbea cum visul lui este sa fie director intr-o mare companie si sa aiba un Ferrari cu sofer, si cum pentru asta alearga din training in training, din internship in internship, din receptie in receptie, iar pentru a avea succes in toate drumurile astea pe care le face, isi exerseaza la maxim (in mod constient!) tehnica pupatului in partile dorsale. "You know, meet the right people, make nice conversation, compliment on choice of attire, keep in touch, they are dumb, you pay compliments, etc, etc.". Wilco ii spunea ca nu intelege de ce unii oameni simti nevoia organica de a fi putred de bogati, de a-si etala puterea si averea, de a bea sampanie intr-un Ferrari, cand e suficient sa deschizi foarte putin ochii si sa vezi bunaoara ca la fiecare trei secunde, un copil moare de foame in lumea asta din cauza saraciei extreme (and that's reliable statistics).

Le ascultam conversatia si ma gandeam ca totul tine de o alegere individuala, ca bogatii nu trebuie acuzati ca sunt bogati/ ca vor sa devina si mai bogati. Ar fi neliberal. Si totusi, problema este ca prin politicile marilor companii si a marilor actori politici in general, care nu sunt suficient de preocupati de dezvoltare la nivel global, saracia prolifereaza si oamenilor le sunt negate drepturi fundamentale. Nu cer egalitate. Nu cer egalitate in sens socialist. Cer doar egalitate de sanse. Daca stiu ca Ferrari-ul meu inseamna ca un copil din Congo munceste ilegal, de la varsta de 6 ani, intr-o mina de diamante, atunci nu vreau acel Ferrari. Si sunt convinsa ca, daca un reportaj precum cel de azi din NY Times despre copiii din Africa vanduti ca sclavi pentru 20 de dolari de propriile familii (va rog vedeti si sectiunea multimedia) nu spune multe, o singura ora de stat intr-un sat din Africa ti-ar schimba complet viziunea. Am vazut satele din Egipt, care sunt considerate raiul pe pamant fata de cele din restul Africii si m-am convins. The hell with it, si Bill Gates s-a lasat convins. Si cu el multi, multi alti oameni bogati.

Singurul lucru care ma face fericita in toata povestea este faptul ca in curand guvernul Romaniei va infiinta o Agentie pentru Dezvoltare. Sper sa ajung la lucrez pe acolo intr-o zi nu foarte indepartata si sa ma asigur ca cei 0.7% din PIB pe care ii vom plati in curand pentru dezvoltare internationala sa ajunga acolo unde trebuie. Si sper ca toti prietenii mei, din corporatii sau guverne, freelanceri sau artisti, sa isi dea seama ca lumea in care traim nu e dreapta nici conform celor mai liberale standarde.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ciocnirea civilizatiilor la scara mica

Am absentat de la datorie o perioada destul de indelungata. Stiu. Dar am scuze consistente: am dormit mai putin de 20 de ore in 5 zile. :) Am fost ocupata cu un eveniment foarte interesant, in ciuda faptului ca nu si-a atins intr-o foarte mare masura scopul, anume accelerarea procesului de atingere a Obiectivelor de Dezvoltare ale Mileniului. Anume, the first ever United Nations Global Youth Leadership Summit. Au fost dificultati organizatorice nenumarate, multa confuzie, insa pana la urma la nivel european am reusit sa organizam o retea destul de puternica si sper sa lucram impreuna la misiunea la care ne-am inhamat. Misiunea Permanenta a Romaniei la ONU ne-a consemnat implicarea, ba chiar ne si ajuta construirea unei imagini.

Problema de substanta pe care am intalnit-o in timpul summit-ului a fost diferenta culturala enorma intre mentalitatile si stilurile de lucru ale tinerilor din diferite parti ale lumii. Am fost acolo mai bine de 350 de tineri din peste 180 de tari. De mult nu s-a mai creat un astfel de for. Desi cu totii legati de interese comune, de niveluri de energie si entuziasm asemanatoare, pur si simplu nu am reusit sa comunicam si sa lucram la nivel interregional. Am vazut pe viu "ciocnirea dintre civilizatii". Europenii s-au adunat imediat laolalta, si-au suflecat manecile si au inceput sa gandeasca cu hartia si creionul in mana planuri de actiune. Fiecare interventie pe care o aveau in plen sau in grupurile mai mici de lucru era tintita, concisa, orientata spre actiune, fezabilitate si evaluare. Africanii si cei din America Latina pe de alta parte parca nu au stiut sa profite de 4 zile, in care ei - cei mai afectati de saracie si de lipsa de parteneriate globale cu tarile dezvoltate - sa reuseasca sa creeze legaturi concrete cu tarile dezvoltate. Discursuri prelungi, lamentari, cultura aplaudatului inutil si a felicitatului oricui pentru orice. Pe masura ce summit-ul inainta, prapastia dintre noi devenea din ce in ce mai mare. Noi ii consideram incapabili de colaborare, ei ne considerau aroganti. Stereotipurile culturale pe care presupuneam ca noi - ca tineri lideri, vorba aceea - nu le avem, au lucrat impotriva noastra si si-au ascutit taisurile in fiecare zi. A fost trist sa fiu martor la intregul proces.

Totusi, sunt convinsa in continuare de necesitatea crearii unui parteneriat global pentru dezvoltare. Sunt convinsa ca intr-un cadru organizational corespunzator dificultatile de comunicare si barierele culturale pot fi depasite. In chestiuni ce tin de progres economic si de sustenabilitate nu vad un alt mod de lucru decat cel european. Putem sa il adaptam, recunosteam greutatile prin care trec alte continente, dar totusi trebuie sa lucram eficient si rapid si productiv impreuna.

In momentul de fata am fost numita Romania's Youth Spokesperson for the MDGs. Am un mandat de doi ani pentru inceput, si chiar sper sa fac ceva treaba. Am pornit de la summit dezamagita, dar apoi mi-am amintit ca am 20 de ani, ca am niste valori si ambitii in care cred si cunosc oameni extraordinari, asa pana la urma cred ca va fi bine.

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