Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Exterminator, evolutionism si amor

Acum o ora am fost trezita de vocea suava a exterminatorului (da, nu e numai un personaj de film, ci exista si in realitate) care venise sa evalueze de unde am eu tantari in camera. Da, in miez de iarna am tantari in camera. Asa ca m-a dat afara din patul meu cel caldut, pentru ca ulterior sa isi dea cu presupusul ca "m'am... I think they might be coming from that wine bottle you left open"... wine bottle, my ass.

Anyway, in timp ce abia ma dezmeticeam din somn, stateam in sufragerie si citeam The Economist. Iata o analiza a amorului dpdv stiintifico-economic. E savuroasa:

"From an evolutionary standpoint, trying and being rejected comes at little cost, except for hurt feelings. Not trying at all, by contrast, may mean the loss of an opportunity to, among others, spread one's DNA"

Simplu, nu?

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