Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Uncyclopedia Conventional Wisdom

Cand necesitatea de a decide asupra legalitatii doctrinei de preemptive self-defense devine de neindurat la ora 2.40 am, ce face Corina? Se da pe Facebook! Si gaseste un link adorabil, despre Serbia pe infamous Uncyclopedia! Si cu aceasta ocazie descopera ce resursa minunata poate fi aceasta "enciclopedie". Bunaoara, iata cateva mostre de intelepciune la origine create pentru a defini personalitatea studentilor est-europeni din State, ulterior restranse de catre Wiki numai la studentii romani din State. Spicuiesc, restul gasiti direct de la sursa! Recomand cu multa caldura toate link-urile cu si despre Romania, Jiji Becali, Traian Basexu, WC Tudor, si asa mai departe.

You Know you're Romanian when...

You try and re-use gift wrappers, gift boxes, and of course aluminum foil.
You are standing next to the two largest suitcases at the airport.
You arrive one or two hours late to a party - and think its normal.
You talk for an hour at the front door when leaving someone's house.
You can fit 10 people into a Dacia. (cred ca Alex a reusit vreo 8 intr-un Tico!)
Your parents never throw anything away and if you by some chance manage to get something to make it to the garbage can... it mysteriously appears back where it was again.
You have lace curtains.
You have lace tablecloths.
You have rugs covering every inch of your house.
Your mom tells you you're too skinny even though your 30 pounds overweight.
Your 15-year old sister can outdrink any American college boy.
Your dorm room is full of Romanian medicine that is probably illegal here.
You and your friends have ever been kicked out of a restaurant or recreational park for being too loud or rowdy.
Your mom recycles plastic cups and paper plates, and sandwich bags by washing them.
You don't know how to use a dishwasher (unless you are the dishwasher!).
You have a vinyl tablecloth on your kitchen table.
Your dad ever butchered a pig or lamb.
Your kitchen shelf is full of jam jars, varieties of bowls and plastic utensils (Got free with some household items).
You're twenty years old and your parents are trying to send you to Romoville to get you married cause your old.
You can only travel if there are 5 persons at least to see you off or receive you whether you are traveling by bus, train or plane.
When your parents call, they ask if you've eaten, even if it's midnight.
Your parents don't realize phone connections to foreign countries have improved in the last two decades, and still scream at the top of their lungs when making foreign calls.
It's "normal" if your wedding has 600 people.
You don't know half the people at your wedding cuz your parents invited them.
You've seen the ground while inside the lavatory of a train.

And still, I'm damn proud of being Romanian. Acestea fiind zise, noapte buna, dragi Romani!


Penny said...

muahaha... ok... clar nu sunt romanca! I'm suffering from loss of identity!!! omg! :P

Stefan said...

Haha! Mandra sa fii romanca. Nu ca e rau, dar e anti-"cetatean al lumii"... Dragostea (si mandria insuflata) de tara imi lipseste(c) un pic. Sau poate gresesc sa gandesc asa.

Cred ca si eu sunt in barca lu' penny! OMFG I'm losing my (imagined) identity!

Oricum, cred ca o sa ma avant in zilele urmatoare sa citesc ce scrii pe aici. Sunt un pic entuziasmat, pt ca vorbesti pe limba mea (rel. internationale si fratii mei de la ONU)

Nu sunt sigur daca posturile tale sunt monolog sau incearca sa creeze si dialog. Ma dumiresc eu dupa ce termin nenorocita asta de "hartie" pt care am risipit noaptea trecuta :P

Murphy said...

@penny - hai mai, nu erai si tu in celebrul Tico cu 8 oameni?... acum carpeta cu rapirea din serai cred ca nu este obiectul tau preferat de design interior, dar stereotipurile raman out there

@stefan - salutare, welcome to my blog; uneori este despre chestiuni ce tin de ONU si de politica (deh, deformatie profesionala), alteori blogul meu este ceva mult mai personal si mai putin formal; de cele mai multe ori posturile invita la dialog, si nu sunt simple monologuri; in vacanta de iarna ma gandesc sa pun bazele unui blog in engleza, numai despre IR si UN; va tin pe toti la curent, oricum.

Bafta cu "hartia".. in calitate de mandra studenta in RI, si eu le am cu papir-urile, asta e clar.

Si cred ca va este clar, fie si prin faptul ca nu prea mi-am petrecut ultimii ani din viata in mentalitatea romaneasca (uneori, nici in spatiul geografic romanesc), nici eu nu ader la acele sanatoase obiceiuri; dar continua sa imi placa umorul, chiar daca el ataca niste stereotipuri mai degraba triste.

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