Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rubrica "Anunturi"

Din ciclul "diferente culturale" a.k.a "mare ti-e gradina", stateam azi intr-o cafenea cu maestrul Matei si maestrul Evgeny (Evgeny e mare conas in blogosfera), cand am dat de Village Voice (publicatie populara si respectabila) pe masa. Rubrica anunturi, spicuiesc:

"Stop Smoking for Good! Free classes. Staying quit is the final & most important stafe of the process. If you already quit, you may be eligible to participate in FREE Relapse Prevention - 6 week course by Columbia Integrative Medicine Program. (212) 305-2643"

" Pennies per MP3. IPod compatible. Paypal accept'd"
"DON'T LET ANXIETY RUIN YOUR LIFE. Effective, short-term treatment. Etan Ben-Ami. LCSW. 516-880-4173"

" Durex, Lifestyles, Crown, 100 pk $23.99! 12 free condoms w/every order! We carry all major brands. YOUR LUBE SOURCE. Free discreet shipping"

"LET ME MAKE YOUR LIFE LESS TAXING! CPA with 20+ years of experience. Business and individuals. Tax problems. Specializing in the self-employed. 212-382-2451 X 200"

"A. BUBBA MYSSEH has written her story & requires the services of a literary agent or publisher. Can you represent Bubba Mysseh? Nu, how can you refuse? 636-326-7898"

"Work and Learn! Exchange volunteering for free Buddhist classes, workshops. Work-study program in Buddhist community includes room, meals, small living allowance. Northern CA" "Poker with Sexy Ladies. Private Club NYC Area 1-888-717-7757"

"Massage by sexy ladies at the Texas Hold'em Club 201-388-3535"

"Crack and Cocaine Users Needed. Ages 18-60 years old in good health for participation in brain imaging medica research assessing the effects of cocaine on the brain. Confidentiality maintained. Transp. & fee provided. 1-888-265-7464"

"Damon, I.L.Y.H.V.D.M.D.G.Y.H MonkeyNugget"

"Reuniting specialis. True Love Psychic Anna Olsteen guarantees that she will return your lover within hours or guide you to one. Anna also helps in all problems such as love, marriage, business, health, and deppression. Call NOW for free reading. 1-800-868-3173"

"Adopted? Maybe it's time... Birth family research/ genealogy; you can call 7 days/ week. Toby L. Boritz 718-490-9050"

"Speed Dating and Events * Speed bowling, speed golf, speed dating & more (NYC) Mustang Harris, Long Island and Queens Locations Several Age Categories."

"Hot Lap Dance Club."

"Foot Fetish Party in NYC! Worship the feet of 70 girls in one night. Go to:"

"Has your child ever attempted to hurt him/herself? Have you ever sought treatmen for your child's depression? Is he/she 19 or younger? If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, your child and your family might be eligible to participate in our family research studyy of these disorders. The study involves a confidential interview and blood and saliva sample from your child and family members. Payment: minimum of $100 for each family member interviewed. If you think you are eligible please contact Ashley at (212) 543-6836"

Concluzie: interesele americanului de rand se invart in jurul a catorva teme centrale: sexul, afacerile, religia, smoking/crack/depression & co.


Cosmin said...

ah, tara tuturor posibilitatilor, unde poti face bani si daca esti crack addict :))

Corina said...

a... pe o singura pagina erau trei anunturi de facut bani daca esti crack addict prin participarea la varii studii... si daca donezi ovule primesti 8000 de dolari (chiar la noi la facultate)... radeam cu un prieten ca poate economiseste bani ca sa faca schimbare de sex, doneaza ovule si castiga astfel bani ca sa faca redevina barbat, printr-o operatie ulterioara de schimbare de sex :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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